I want you to love yourself.

For all the right reasons. For all the wrong reasons. For the reasons why you sneak downstairs at one in the morning & grab an ice cream in the darkness. For the reason that you point out all the cracks in your system under the bedsheets.

I want you to love yourself because you are a lone soul. You have no soulmate. You can love anyone. But you have to love yourself.

You need to love how vulnerable you feel with the whole night pressing down on you in your lonely hours. You need to love that racing heart of yours, when you shift the love to someone else.

You don’t need to pick and choose what you love about yourself. You will love those goddamn eyes, that rough angry skin. You will love your unproportional torso-to-leg ratio; that crooked smile, that breathy voice.

You will love what you usually hate. What they say you should hate. Slicing yourself up will just sting you when you end up wading in potently acidic waters of those you want to love. Patch yourself up. You can get help from a fellow seamstress… But keep the needle and keep cross-stitching that corrupted heart.

You need to love yourself
Because when you don’t,
You are only undermining
The very spirit
That keeps you loving
Everything else.

W.J   (via unmaiden)


i think seventh grade was a dark time for everyone